Mostly I do one thing, and I do it very well: I carve original, custom wax models. Almost everything I carve is on special order or by commission from clients. I work for individuals, for large and small retailers, and most often for manufacturers in the jewelry or related industries. Clients are supplied with original, unique wax models along with all rights for reproduction.

Carvings are done on a fee per piece basis, with the price determined by the complexity of the job. Having said that, I'm always open to different arrangements (royalty agreements, contract work, etc.) My work is reasonably priced for fine wax carving. My clients are aware that their product can never be better or more beautiful than the original model, and that not having to do revisions or extra finish work can avoid real headaches.

I have years of experience in asking the right questions so that I'm very clear about my client's intentions and needs before I start carving.

* I can work from precise technical drawings where clients require exact specifications.

* I can work from rough sketches or vague ideas, often very pleasantly surprising clients by producing work that exceeds their hopes or expectations for practicality and beauty.

* I can design from scratch. Clients who know me will often just say, “make something beautiful,” trusting from experience that I will.

* I can supply drawings, idea sketches or polished renderings to assist in solidifying ideas. (See illustrations, this page).

I carve exclusively in a hard green carving wax, using subtractive and additive techniques to perfect a form. This wax is a wonderful material that yields fine detail, precise form, and a smooth surface that requires very little finish work after casting (qualities of my work that are greatly appreciated and valued by my clients).

Please take a look at the "Pictures" page. There you'll find photos of pieces I've carved for jewelry firms large and small, and some I've carved, cast, and finished myself, as gifts, personal projects, and individual commissions. All are copyrighted, and none may be reproduced in any way without written permission.

contact me at mcain@povn.com or 509 447-5387

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