Hi, I’m Maury Cain. I’m the Modelmaker in the Mountains.I've lived with my family in a log home overlooking a lake in Northeast Washington State for many years. I have a beautiful wife and two wonderful daughters. One daughter is grown and on her own, and the other is in college. My wife and I enjoy cross country skiing and mountain biking on logging roads in the area.

This is a view from the lake where I live...

...and this is me living there.
I hold a Master of Fine Arts degree in sculpture, from the University of Hawaii. While working towards my degree, I helped support myself by making jewelry and started in the jewelry industry as a trainee at a very well known and still prominent jewelry manufacturer in Honolulu. I also helped start up a new jewelry manufacturing company as head of the casting and design department.

Upon graduating, I began carving wax models for a Seattle trade and manufacturing firm. designing and carving a large part of their line until I left to teach art, specializing in jewelry, at Ft. Wright College, in Spokane, Washington. Since that time, I’ve been an independent modelmaker, now working out of a small studio next door to my home.

Over the course of time, I’ve carved quite a wide range of models. Most have been commissioned by manufacturers, but many have been commissioned by both individuals and retailers, large and small.

My pieces have been featured in the lines of some of the largest catalogue companies and retail chains. In the past, I’ve also done licensed work for the Olympics and an NBA team. My museum reproduction pieces can be found in the gift shops of several of the nation’s most important museums. My carvings have been owned and worn by celebrities, astronauts, and political figures. Several clients have featured my work in their advertisements in JCK and other trade magazines.

This kind of variety is what keeps my work interesting. Although I still have clients from my earliest days as an independent modelmaker, others come and go, and I’m always interested to hear about new and challenging projects.

contact me at mcain@povn.com or 509 447-5387

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